The Propaganda in the succession of Muqtadir balah during the ministry of Ibn al-Furat (296-312 AH / 908-924)

Methaq AL-Kafagi Kahdum Hadi, P.D. Yousif kahdum AL-Shemmari


The reign of the Abbasid Caliph al-Muqtadir Balah (295-320 AH / 908-932M) was one of the historical periods in the Abbasid state. The period witnessed the succession of a number of ministers and a rapid and noticeable change of ministers based mostly on manifestations of propaganda. Has been punished three times.

     Therefore, the title of the research is called: (The Propaganda and Worship in the succession of Muqtadir Baiah during the ministry of the son of the Euphrates (296-312 AH / 908-924M), and comes the importance of the topic of the leading role played by Ibn al-Furat during that period of time, and our section of research into two sections, : The concept of propaganda and rhetoric and language and terminology and the position of the Holy Street, and the second section came under the title: Historical incidents of propaganda and hoaxes during the Ministry of the son of Euphrates, the methodology we adopted is to include the famous author and book name and to mention the details in the list of sources and references; , And the reduction of errors and effort and easy to refer to when required, and the researchers adopted a critical analytical approach, based on the dismantling of the text and reconstruction to produce acceptable results The researchers adopted a number of sources and references that enriched the study singled out a list at the end of the research, The great and praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds.

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