The Significant Role of Muslim Entrepreneurs: in the Context of Halal Cosmetic Industry

Siti Haryani Yusoff, Nuradli Ridzwan Shah, Muhammad Khairi Mahyudin


The halal industry does not limit on food. Halal is a lifestyle that covers everything in the life of a Muslim. Muslim entrepreneurs play an important role in society, in contributing to Islamic economic. Islamic Entrepreneurship is based on the concept of al-rizq, halal and haram and the principle of brotherhood (Ukwah). This article will discuss on understanding Muslim market towards halal cosmetic and personal care product and the challenges of Muslim entrepreneurs must overcome to fulfil the increase demand and awareness of halal cosmetic and personal care products. In regards of the comprehensive review, it is recommended that Muslim entrepreneurs should focus on producing halal cosmetic and personal care product that meet the need of Muslim consumers and more importantly, is lined with sharia compliance.

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