An Assessment of Internet Marketing on Sales in Faisalabad, Pakistan

Muhammad Asim Shahzad, Khalid Jamil, Rana Faizan Gul, Ms Dongjun


Internet advertising is a multi-faceted phenomenon. True, the same could be said of many other kinds of advertising. Print advertising comes in many colours, shapes, and sizes; television advertising might range from a simple 10-second message to a long-format infomercial. Internet advertising has all those kinds of variations, too. But it also spans time and space (unlike print which is space bound and broadcast which is time bound) and seems different in other fundamental ways as well. What about corporate Websites – are they advertising? They are definitely designed to communicate. They are often filled with information that may not be directly targeted at immediate persuasion to act, but that might be intended to improve the overall reputation of the company or some similar goal.

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