3d Model and Program Generation for Gear Train by Using Cam

P Md Suhail, S Abzal Basha, C Lakshmaiah


The gear is an important component serving as a key player in power transmission mechanisms. The reason that gearing is so important is because the gear is the convenient way to obtain reliable power transmission without slippage. If there is only one gear mounted on each shaft, the gear train is known as simple gear train. that is, each shaft has only one gear. Usually when two gears mate, they rotate opposite to each other. When we use three gears each mounted on separate shaft, the direction of rotation of the last gear will be same as that of the direction of rotation of first gear. 

Problem definition of the project is the component has 20 number of teeth and they subjected to contact force in between driver and follower gears. So it needs to specify proper type of material and  optimized NC  Program for manufacturing to get high surface finish due to presence of teeth.

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