Design Optimization of Hypoid Gear by Using Structural Analysis

Kammari Muralikrishna Achari, C. Lakshmaiah


Gears are used for transmitting power from shaft to engine parts in automobiles. Naturally Larger trucks supply the huge amount of materials from one place to another place. For that one trucks’ engines require more amount of torque from shaft. In the sense the hypoid gear used for transmit large amount of torque in larger trucks. Hypoid gears are strong in nature and sliding action along teeth to produce high amount of torque with reduction of mechanical efficiency and consequent reduction in fuel economy.  Sliding action along teeth requires high lubricating system under extreme pressure between teeth.

This project focus on  design of hypoid gear using CAD software. After that controlling vibration analysis of hypoid gear under pressure conditions using different materials in Ansys FEA software. Unigraphics software is used for designing hypoid gear. And ansys software produces vibration results for different materials of hypoid gear.

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