Techno-stress among Library Professionals at the Workplace in ICT era

Chris Eriye Tralagba, Abasiama Gowin Akpan


Technologies are so common that many organizations faced with intimidate problems of how to introduce these technologies. One major problem faced by them is impact of the new technology on the work processes and productivity of employees. Implementing a new technology at the workplace is a multidimensional problem. The technological revolution has undoubtedly brought along many changes at the workplace. No doubt it has allowed work to be carried out faster and more efficient but many employees are not comfortable with the implementation of technology as it involves change and uncertainty. As a result, they experience additional stress known as techno stress which may have negative consequences in the organization. Stress is the changes which our bodies experience as we adjust to our continually changing environment. Stress at the workplace is a growing concern where employees are increasingly facing conditions of workload, job insecurity, low levels of job satisfaction, and lack of autonomy. Work place stresses have a harmful effect on the health and well being of employees, as well as a negative impact on workplace productivity and profits. This conceptual paper highlights the issues related to techno stress, particularly in the library setting. This paper examines techno stress, its effects, stress related issues and measures taken to avoid it among library professionals.

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