Fog Computing Based Privacy Preserving Data Over Cloud With Computational Intelligence In Three-Tier Approach

Khadeeja Siddiqua, Ms. Waseema Masood, Mohammed khaleel ahmed


Benefit of control on data and face security spillage danger. Ordinary security protection plans are by and large established on encryption development, anyway these sorts of methods can't effectively restrict attack from inside cloud server. In order to deal with this issue, we propose a three-layer amassing structure subject to fog figuring. The star exhibited structure can both adventure appropriated capacity and guarantee the security of data. Likewise, Hash-Solomon code figuring is expected to isolate data into different parts. By then, we can put a little snippet of data in close-by machine and fog server to ace tect the security. Moreover, in light of computational knowledge, this estimation can enlist the scattering degree set away in cloud, murkiness, and close-by machine, independently. Through the theoretical security examination and test appraisal, the feasibility of our arrangement has been endorsed, which is very an earth shattering enhancement to existing dispersed capacity plot.

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