Proverbs As Reflection Of National Character (In The Context Uzbek And English Proverbs)

Narmuratov Zayniddin Radjabovich


The article under study aims at investigating the semantics of the English and Uzbek proverbs from the point of view on linguo-cultural aspects. Proverbs reflect emotional characteristics of the Uzbek and the English nation, the investigated expressions either coincide in some basic categories or express polar points of view and attitudes. Being a valuable object of linguo-cultural investigations proverbs realise not just functions of the language but that of culture as well. Proverbs are an integral part of the national language picture of the world. As linguo-cultural texts proverbs and explicit a definite layer of culture of a separate ethnic group, reflect spiritual and physical activity of culture representatives, the peculiarities of mentality and world perception of a definite linguo-cultural society.

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