Construction and Standardization of Mathematical Anxiety Rating Scale for Secondary School

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh


For designing mathematical anxiety rating scale first of all, factor determination is crucial, hence questionnaire was developed for mathematical anxiety and distributed to high grade and low grade math students of class nine, and their conclusion were drawn. Various factors of this study were identified. As well as many experts examined various factors of mathematical anxiety.  Content analysis is done with the help of class seven, eight, nine and class ten. Same content are choosed for class nine, after critical analysis of textbook ( S.S.C. board & CBSE pattern). After this content researcher took interview of expert math teacher. Also took interview of class nine students (who got maximum score & minimum score in mathematics) and statements are collected. Keeping in mind the result of questionnaire, factors generated were verified by various psychologists and educationalists. Finally, two factors/components/dimensions were determined. 1. Anxiety about Learning 2. Anxiety about Evaluation (Examination). Reliability and validity has been checked. Using this tool, it is possible to study the anxiety under the above two components. Hence Mathematical Anxiety Rating Scale (MARS) standardized.

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