Advanced Encryption Standard Encryption Scheme based Secure Data Search in Cloud Services

Shruti Bhawsar, Khushboo Sawant


Searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) has been extensively explored in cloud storage, enabling cloud services directly. Search for encrypted data. Most SSE solutions are only suitable for honest but curious cloud services and will not differ. Because storage outsourcing is not trusted, this assumption is not always true in practice. To address this issue, research has been conducted into Verifiable Searchable Symmetric Encryption (VSSE), which prevents and Realize cloud services by enabling performance confirmation. However, as far as we know, the applicability of the existing VSSE scheme is very limited. For example, it only supports static databases, requires a specific SSE structure, or works only in a single-user model. In the text propose GSSE, which is the first universal verifiable SSE scheme in the single-user multi-user model. This scheme can be anyone SSE program and additional support data update. To generally support confirmation of results, we first decouple the evidence index in the GSSE from SSE and Incremental Hash to build an evidence index with data update support. A timestamp chain has also been developed to maintain data freshness across multiple users. Careful analysis and experimental evaluation Shows that GSSE is secure and introduces a small amount of overhead for performance verification.

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