Using embedded system Mobile Vehicle checking & video capture using GPS & GPRS

Nagubandi Ravikumar, O. Navajeevan Raju, D. Vijay Kumar


Due to the insecure environment the ratio of vehicle theft increases rapidly. Because of this is manufacturers of luxury automobiles has the responsibilities for taking steps to ensure the authorization for the owners and also in built the anti theft system to prevent the vehicle from theft. The proposed security system for smart cars used to prevent them from loss or theft using Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) processor. It performs the real time user authentication (driver, who starts the car engine) using face recognition, using the Principle Component Analysis (PCA) algorithm. According to the comparison result (authentic or not), ARM processor triggers certain actions. If the result is not authentic means ARM produces the signal to block the car access (i.e. Produce the interrupt signal to car engine to stop its action) and inform the car owner about the unauthorized access via Multimedia Message Services (MMS) with the help of GSM/GPRS modem. Also it can be extends to send the current location of the vehicle using the GPS modem as a Short Message Services (SMS).


Mobile Vehicle checking; video capture; GPS; GPRS; embedded system

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