Virtual identity using Biometric templates like Fingerprint for Authentication Minutiae

Sk. Asha, o. Navajeevan Raju, d. Vijay Kumar


In recent years use of biometric technologies gains popularity as concern about the privacy and misuse of biometric data increases. Thus protecting biometric data becomes an important issue. The oldest and widely used form of biometric identification is the fingerprints. It has been widely used in both forensic and civilian applications. Though much progress and research has been made in fingerprint authentication systems, the performance of even state-of-the-art recognizer are still low. In addition to this, securing a stored fingerprint template is of paramount importance because once fingerprints are compromised fingerprint cannot be easily revoked. Over the years many template protection schemes have been explored, we made an effort to review existing biometric template protection schemes. The core motive of this paper is to review the various fingerprint privacy protection schemes. This literature also includes vulnerable points in biometric systems and type of fingerprint matching techniques. In our survey, we observed some reliable and robust schemes.


Fingerprint; Biometric templates; Virtual identity; Authentication; Minutiae

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