Single Chip Encrypt or Decrypt or Core Implementation Of Aes Algorithm



Data encryption (cryptography) is utilized in various applications and environments. The specific utilization of encryption and the implementation of the AES will be based on many factors particular to the computer system and its associated components. Communication security provides protection to data by enciphering it at the transmitting point and deciphering it at the receiving point. File security provides protection to data by enciphering it when it is recorded on a storage medium and deciphering it when it is read back from the storage medium. In the proposed design the security method uses symmetric Cryptography technique which provides same keys to sender and receiver to transfer the information for reducing the design complexity. The transferred information is stored in the memory unit for further using it or for further processing using low cost buffer element. Transmission cables are used to provide communication between the connected devices. Control logic is used to provide the patters for transmission through crypto unit.


Cryptography; Memory; Control Unit; Symmetric

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