Demystification of Religion and Consuetude- A Deconstructive Study of Rabindranath Tagore’s “Gitanjali” and Ted Hughes’ “Crow”

Abdus Sattar


In the present era, some ideologically and powerfully synchronized people construct the false image of religion, and make concurrent the corrupt ideologies in the consuetude for their vested interests. They do so to keep the marginalized people under their control, and to prove their way of life is far superior to them. By widening the gulf between them they constantly solidify the corrupt ideologies in the society. The false image that assimilated with the religion and the consuetude that is imbued with the corrupt ideologies fabricate the false myth in the society that invariably wash out the common people to envision the right image of religion and consuetude. The main concern of this paper is to highlight the concurrent corrupt consuetude and the false ideologically structured religion that exist in the society for a long time, and how these false images and customs are demystified and deconstructed by Rabindranath Tagore and Ted Hughes in their poems.


False image; religion; corrupt ideologies; consuetude; myth; demystification; deconstruction

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