A Scalable Server Architecture for Mobile Presence Services support large scale Social Network Application

Noorbhasha Nabi, T G. Ramnadh Babu


Now a day’s Social network applications are becoming increasingly popular on mobile devices. There are various mobile presence services for social network applications. Social networking services on the Internet are growing and increasing numbers of people are using these new ways to communicate and share information. Many users are communicating with both friends from outside the service as well as with people they have only been in contact with through a social networking service. A mobile existence overhaul is a necessary constituent of a social network application as it uphold each mobile user’s presence information such as the current status, GPS location and network address. Also updates the user’s online friends with the information repeatedly. If presence updates happen frequently, the massive number of messages dispersed by presence servers may lead to a scalability issue in a large-scale mobile presence service. Presence is a service that allows a user to be informed about the reachability, availability, and willingness to communicate of another user. Mobile presence service is a vital component of a social network applications due to mobile user’s presence details such as positioning system location, network address, and online/offline status are continuously apprise to user’s online buddies. If persistent updates occur about presence information and also when servers disperse expansive number of messages scalability problem arises in large scale mobile presence service. A presence cloud which is scalable server architecture is proposed which support large scale social network application where it searches for the presence of his/her buddies and reveals them about his/her arrival. Presence Cloud organizes presence servers into a quorum-based server-to-server architecture for efficient presence searching. It also leverages a directed search algorithm and a one-hop caching strategy to achieve small constant search latency.


Presence Cloud; Social network service; Distributed presence servers

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