The Impact of Technology on Language Teaching

Reena Mittal


If teachers focus on simple basic ideas and actively support students in the process through in-service training, the impact of technology can be positive. In the field of language education, a great deal of emphasis now focuses on online learning and it is touted as the great liberator by freeing students and teachers to accomplish learning in new and exciting ways. A great deal of the success and failure of any technology rests in sound teaching practices The Internet is an almost measureless repository of great content, but it also contains an equal amount of junk, and sifting through this large collection can be daunting. Students these days have been raised in an online world, and they often do not realize what careful research is all about, teachers should bear the responsibility of helping students combine both the massive and easily-accessible Internet with conventional research techniques.


Technology; Pedagogy; Curriculum; Practice; Learning

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