Digital signature predicated and authentication distributed key management in Cloud computing

H Prasanth kumar, P. Swathi


Cloud computing is a elevating computing standard in which the computing framework is given as an accommodation over the Internet. The Cloud computing implement gives facility of data storage and access for cloud users, but when outsourcing the data to a third party causes safety issue of cloud data so data are for fended by restricting the data. We propose an incipient decentralized access control scheme for assure information storage in clouds that fortifies in nominate authentication. For achieving this goal, we propose a digital signature predicated authentication scheme with a decentralized architecture for distributed key management with multiple Key Distribution Centers. Homomorphism encryption scheme utilizing Paillier public key cryptosystem is utilized for encrypting the data that is stored in the cloud. Furthermore, our authentication plus access control scheme is decentralized and rich, dissimilar other access control schemes planned for clouds which are centralized. The communication, computation, and storage overheads are commensurable to centralized approaches.


Cloud computing; digital signature predicated authentication; distributed key management

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