The Comparative Study of Various Translations of Manto´s Short-story- "Toba Tek Singh"

Muhammad Usman Khan


Saádat Hassan Manto is a reknown short-story writer of Indian subcontinent. His popularity is spread across the borders of India and Pakistan. His short-stories are translated by various scholars from Urdu into global languages including English. One of his short-story “Toba Tek Singh“ is considered as a masterpiece of his work, translated many times into Englsih by different writers. The story tells us about the sufferings at the times when All India was divided into two parts and people were exchanged. Muslims immigrated to a new-created country ´Pakistan´ and, on the other hand, Hindus and Sikhs went to India.


Manto, Toba Tek Singh, Meaning-based Theory, Translation, equivalency

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