PSR- A Proactive Source Routing Protocol for Manets

P. Keerthi Suresh, P. Anjaiah


In this paper, a lightweight secure source routing (SSR) protocol is proposed which is used to bypass insecure nodes and make sure transmission takes place only through secure nodes to the destination. SSR can maintain more network topology information than distance vector (DV) routing to facilitate source routing, although it has much smaller overhead than traditional DV-based protocols [e.g., destination-sequenced DV (DSDV)], link state (LS)-based routing [e.g., optimized link state routing (OLSR)], and reactive source routing [e.g., dynamic source routing (DSR)]. Computer simulation in Network Simulator 2 (ns-2) ensures security of transmission with less overhead in PSR protocols.


Distance Vector; AODV; Source routing; MANET

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