Road Accident Prevention System Using Driver’s Drowsiness Detection by Combining Eye Closure and Yawning

Sheifali Gupta, Er. Garima


Driver Fatigue is one of the major reasons causing most fatal road accidents around the world. This shows that in the transportation industry specially, where a heavy vehicle driver is often open to hours of monotonous driving which causes fatigue without frequent rest period. Due to the frequent driver fatigue occurrence, this has become an area of great socio economic concern. Consequently, it is very essential to design a road accidents prevention system by detecting driver’s drowsiness, which determines the level of driver inattention and give a warning when an impending hazard exists. In this paper the aim is to design a prototype system which detects driver’s drowsiness based on eye blinking and yawning to prevent road accidents.


face detection, eye detection,mouth detection,alert

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