Effect of Ionosphere on Radio Wave Propagation

Atnafu Daniel, Getachew Tilahun, Argaw Teshager


We discuss various topics concerning the propagation of radio waves on the ionosphere. The effects of ionosphere on radio wave propagation are identified. The three layers of the ionosphere F, E, D are play an important role on RW propagation; the F layer obtained during the day and night time, used for long distance propagation but the E and D layer are obtained only on the day time, they are responsible for high frequency waves. An important relation between RW and the ionosphere are discussed. It is found that the higher frequency is, the less its tendency to bend. The sky waves, ground waves and space waves are discussed and the characteristics can described. The sky wave influenced by many chemical and physical phenomena. It used to communicate over long distances and allows transmitted signals to be reflected (bounced) off a portion of the Earth’s ionosphere but Ground waves are continually in contact with the earth’s Surface and do not make use of reflection from the Ionosphere.

Key words:-  Waves; Ionosphere

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