Digital Image Watermarking Using Enhanced Fractal Technique

Bhavmeet Kaur, Dipti Bansal


Image watermarking is the technology that is being used to provide secure communication between the sender and the receiver. The widespread use of internet has gained immense popularity and this has made the digital information and data such as images, audio and video clips available to audience. As the technology enhances, security becomes the important concern. Thus, watermarking helps in embedding the watermark image with the original image so that unauthorized user cannot access the data. In this technique signal is added to the host signal for privacy. In this paper, different techniques are discussed. This paper also concludes the proposed technique compare with the existing techniques. . Compressing the data will reduce the length and increases the security of the system. So a key exchange algorithm is also used that will provide additional security to the data. Experiments have been performed with the proposed and existing technique and result shows the efficiency of the proposed method is better in terms of security.      

Keywords- Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange; Watermarking; embedded; encoded; decoded.

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