Adaptive Policy Prediction and Usable Privacy Security for Uploaded Content Sharing Sites



User Image sharing social site maintaining privacy has become a major problem, as demonstrated by a recent wave of publicized incidents where users inadvertently shared personal information. In light of these incidents, the need of tools to help users control access to their shared content is apparent. Toward addressing this need an Adaptive Privacy Policy Prediction system to help users compose privacy settings for their images. The solution relies on an image classification framework for image categories which may be associated with similar policies and on a policy prediction algorithm to automatically generate a policy for each newly uploaded image, also according to user’s social features. Image Sharing takes place both among previously established groups of known people or social circles and also increasingly with people outside the users social circles, for purposes of social discovery-to help them identify new peers and learn about peers interests and social surroundings, Sharing images within online content sharing sites, therefore, may quickly lead to unwanted disclosure. The aggregated information can result in unexpected exposure of one’s social environment and lead to abuse of one’s personal information.

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