Support Intelligent Health System Monitor Elderly

Vineetha T, Krishna E


The use of information technology and communication (ICT) to provide medicalInformation, and interactions between patients and health professionals, institutions toinstitutionData transmission, well known in the field of e-health. It

becomes ICT and inseparable Part of our lives, and this can be incorporated into health care more easily in daily life. TIC Able to provide accurate medical information anytime anywhere efficiency Way. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death, especially in The elderly. If the heart is controlled by electrolysis (ECG). The electrolysis (ECG) is used in a large


scale clinical tool for the diagnosis of heart complex Diseases. In health centers, and uses a resting ECG to monitor patients. Based Holter, portable monitoring solutions able to record ECG 24 to 48 hours, lack the The ability to provide any information in real time if the situation is alarming. The recorded ECG data are analyzed by a doctor. To address this question, the authors suggest

The role of intelligence resolution support in the cardiac monitoring system. The The proposed system has the ability to generate a warning in the event of a serious anomaly in the Heart, by monitoring heart activity

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