Reduce the Surge Current Error Caused the Distribution System Generation SFCL



The main aim of project is to tranquilize of the current and voltage under abnormal conditions in distribution system by using active type super conducting fault current limiter. In Today’s World Electric Energy Utilization is increasing day by day ,The Utilization energy mainly in Industry, Home ,Business and Transportation ,To meet the demand Decentralizing Generating units are started .As a result there is increase in size of the generating station and inter connected network’s. Due to increase in size of the Grids and Generating station also possible of abnormal operations in the system, Due to fault leads to decrease the impedance of power system network. There may be increase of current known as Fault current and based on type of faults the voltage value changes. In this paper, the influence on the voltage compensation type, active superconducting fault current limiter (ASFCL) is investigated under symmetrical and asymmetrical fault conditions. ASFCL is consisting of air-core superconducting transformers and a three-phase voltage source converter. In the normal (no fault) state the flux in air core is compensated to zero. So the ASFCL has no influence on the main circuit. Using MATLAB SIMULINK, model of the three phase AC system with ASFCL is created and control strategies test, fault current limiting test, and distance relay operation is investigated. The utilization of fault current limiters (FCLs) in power system provides an effective way to suppress fault currents and result in considerable saving in the investment of high capacity circuit breakers.

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