The Pattern of Medico Legal Injuries Presenting at T.H.Q Hospital Ahmed Pur East.

Baset Mahmood, Abdul Rauf, Sumaira Abbasi, Afzal Randhawa



Casualty outdoor department is very essential part of hospital.each and every case of medical and surgical emergency first present and attended there.The first contact Doctor is the Casualty Medical officer (CMO) who examine and attend the patients coming to COD with different emergencies i.e accidents, Medico-Legal cases,poisoning cases, Burn and medical emergency cases like Hypertention,Myocardial Inforction ,gastroenteritis and severely detriorated Asthma patients


  1. To know the pattern of Medico-Legal Injuries at Secondary Care Hospital
  2. To study the crime ratio in Rural Areas

Study Design

Retrospective Cross Sectional Study


T.H.Q Hospital Ahmad Pur East (Secondary Care Hospital)


August 2016 TO November 2016

Material and Methods

Our study is record based Retrospective Study of MLC cases which were registered In MLC Register of T.H.Q Hospital Amed Pur East from August to November 2016. Data like Time of arrival, age and sex of registered cases, socio-economic status and type of weapon used for injuries, was collected from MLC register of COD this Hospital.The data was analyzed manually,  presented in tables, by using variables, parameters and also compared with other studies


 The percentage of Homicidal cases injuries was more (89.54%) and the predominat group was of males (81.36%) .Out of Homicidal injuries, we found that mainly Medico-Legal cases were registerd due to  Assault leading to Skin deep (Lacerated) Head Injuries (38.18%), Bone fractured (29.34%) ,Teeth broken (6.8%) and joint (soulder,elbow) dislocations(5.9%) .The males were involved in 85% cases and maximum registered cases were from age group 21-30 yrs (35.90%). The  most serious injuries were found in  low socio-economic status people (61%)  and  average   socio-economic status people (32.72%). The  most serious injuries were found in  low socio-economic status people (61%)  and  average   socio-economic status people (32.72%).


 The  principal coclusion is that  young age group people don’t take care of their health and they quarrel with each other on small issues.The poor people are not properly educated and they live in rural areas mostly.They work in agricultural lands and give it too much importance.They even make issues on small  marlas of land and start fighting with each other.Due to joint family system ,lot of families get disturbed and No. of MLC cases increased.They use mostly wooden sticks  and head injuries are more common in them.

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