Experimental Analysis and Optimization of Solar Water Distillation System

Tonish Kumar Mandraha, Bhupendra Gupta, Ankur Vishwakarma, Yashwant Kumar Vishwakarma


Present paper is an investigation in variation of water yield in single slope solar water still system attached with additional solar collector. This work has been carried out in a clear sky day in month of Feb, 2016. The optimization of water output is carried out for three distinct water levels (0.06, 0.12, 0.18 m).The inclination angle for both the devices are 230, facing south for atmospheric conditions of Jabalpur (M.P.). Daily observations were taken for different conditions. Temperature, relative humidity, wind velocity and water distillate have been recorded. The quality of water output has also been tested in laboratory to confirm its drinking abilities. Experiment investigation shows maximum efficiency of solar still for water level of 0.06 m compare to other two levels i.e., 0.12 & 0.18 m.


solar water still, solar energy, passive techniques, thermal efficiency, water quality.

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