Research on User Based Environmental Network Monitoring Application: An WSN Approach



WSNs are originally motivated for the use in military applications, such as border monitoring. Now days it is mainly focused on civilian applications such as environment monitoring, object tracking and bio-medical applications. Now a days, the applications of WSNs are several and diverse, and the applications in agriculture are still budding. One appealing WSN application is in environmental monitoring and greenhouses, where the plant conditions such as climate and soil do not depend on natural agents. To manage and monitor the environmental factors, sensors and actuators are critical. Under these circumstances, WSN should be used to make a distributed assessment, spreading sensors all over the greenhouse by means of distributed clustering. This paper reveals some grave issues when a wireless sensor network is exposed to real world environment to monitor and manage parameters like temperature, humidity, smoke, CO2, light and greenhouse gases and how distributed clustering mechanisms can be integrated within this monitoring process. The challenges in user based environmental network monitoring application of wireless sensors have been elaborated in this paper.

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