Assured Distribute Data in Cloud Computing using Control Security Model

A. Venkateswarlu, S. Jalaiah


These PHR contains sensitive data is protected from unauthorized parties. But the service providers are uses many security and privacy risks for PHR. Recent years have witnessed a widespread availability of electronic healthcare data record (EHR) systems. The process of treatment in medical centers such hospitals, clinics, or other institutions. We present a new type of attribute-based encryption that is multi-authority attribute-based encryption (MA-ABE) scheme which is used to enforce patient access control policies. In MA-ABE the data is encrypted according to an access policy over a set of attributes. A high degree of patient’s privacy is guaranteed. Extensive security and result analysis shows that the proposed scheme is highly efficient. Role of one user is encrypted to another user such that scalability, access control and efficient user revocation is achieved and also it proves the security of HASBE based on security of the Cipher text-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption (CP-ABE) scheme and analyse its performance and computational complexity.a novel Context-aware Access Control Security Model (CARE) is proposed to capture the scenario of data interoperability and support the security fundamentals of healthcare systems along with the capability of providing fine-grained access control. A high degree of patient privacy is guaranteed simultaneously by exploiting multi-authority ABE.

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