Securing Data in Cloud Environments by Using RSA Algorithm

Namita Jhende, Raghvendra Kumar


Cloud computing is an innovative computational manner for satisfying the need of new generation computing and the storage solutions. That offers scalable computing performance as well as storage solution therefore more than one cloud service providers are collaborating together for offering the scalable solutions. Additionally the data outsourcing techniques are developed to reduce the overhead of maintenance and reducing the computational cost. But data hosting on third party servers is always un-trusted. Therefore keep preserve the data on third party servers in secure manner need a cryptographic solution for data storage. One of the principal challenges of resource sharing on data communication on the cloud network is its security. This is premised on the fact that once there is connectivity between computers sharing some resources, the issue of data security becomes critical. This paper presents a design of data encryption and decryption in a cloud environment using RSA algorithm with a specific message block size. The RSA algorithm allows a message sender side to generate a public keys to encrypt the message and the receiver side is sent a generated private key using a secured database on the cloud. An incorrect private key will still decrypt the encrypted text message but to a form different from the original text message.

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