RFID Based computerize Payment of Toll Tax at Toll Plazas and Vehicle Tracking

Rakesh Kalisetty, G. Chenna Kesavulu


The automated toll collection system using passive Radio   Frequency   Identification    (RFID)   tag   emerges   as   a   convincing   solution   to   the   manual   toll   collection   method   employed at tollgates.  Time and efficiency are a matter of priority of present day. In order to overcome the major issues of vehicle congestion and time consumption RFID technology is used. The proposed RFID system transmits a particular ID code as soon as it reaches near the toll station. On receiving the code, processor checks the received code and compares it with the stored code, if the code matches the gates open else they remain closed disallowing the vehicle to pass and the implementation of Toll Gate Automation which is a step towards improving the Tracking & monitoring of vehicles, traveling in predetermined routes. We focus on use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for electronic toll collection system and automatic vehicle tracking. 

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