Aerosols: Production and Effects

Nirmala Rathore, Vimal Saraswat, Vivek Mandot, Prayag Bhatt


Aerosol plays a major and vital role in the climate change and it also affects the human life. It is found that the tiny particles of dust, smoke and the various gases emitted by industrial activities goes into the atmosphere and they cause the asthmatic problems for the human life. The same thing appears during the cutting and cleaning the crop, cleaning the houses during the time of Indian festivals like Diwali and other occasions. Similarly, biomass burning also plays a major role in these activities, even a complicated compound (chapdi) used to seal the envelope and packets create a very serious problem in breathing in the human and animal life.Aerosol affects the climate in the form of cooling as well as heating. By keeping the above factors in mind a review paper about aerosol, their productions and effect are written. This paper will help in understanding a basic idea about the aerosol.

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