Power Factor Improvement of Bridgeless Isolated Cuk Converter-Fed Brushless DC Motor Drive Using Fuzzy Controller



- In this  paper  a  Power  Factor  Correction  Cuk converter  fed  Brushless  DC  Motor  Drive  using  a  Fuzzy Logic Controller  is used.  The Speed of the Brushless dc motor is controlled by varying the output of the DC capacitor.  A Diode Bridge  Rectifier  followed  by  a  Cuk  converter  is  fed  into  a Brushless DC Motor to attain the maximum Power Factor. Here we are evaluating the three modes of operation in discontinuous mode and choosing the best method to achieve maximum Power Factor and to minimize the Total Harmonic Distortion. An approach of speed control of the BLDC motor by controlling the dc link voltage of the voltage source inverter (VSI) is used with a single voltage sensor. This facilitates the operation of VSI at fundamental frequency switching by using the electronic commutation of the BLDC motor which offers reduced switching losses. Therefore, the BLDC motor is electronically commutated such that the VSI operates in fundamental frequency switching for reduced switching losses. Moreover, the bridgeless configuration of the CSC converter offers low conduction losses due to partial elimination of diode bridge rectifier at the front end. The proposed configuration shows a considerable increase in efficiency as compared with the conventional scheme. The motor speed control is implemented using fuzzy logic controller. The proposed method is simulated in MATLAB/Simulink with PID and fuzzy logic controller for precise speed control.

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