A Novel Full Reference-Image Quality Assessment for Global and Local Parameters Perception using SC-QI and SC-DM

Zainab Kareem Shakir, Anupama Namburu


To measure the quality of an image different mathematical methods are proposed. By using these methods image quality assessment can be done easily and we can get the perfect features which are matched to the human visual system (HVS) for the visual quality perception. Many existing IQA methods, computation is difficult to characterize the visual quality perception for local image characteristics and different distortions will occur. In this paper, we propose a method to resolve the problem, i.e. structural contrast-quality index (SC-QI), by considering the structural quality index (SCI), we are also introducing some other parameters which will reflect the HVS for contrast sensitivity and chrominance component variation. The modified SC-Qi is called as structural contrast distortion metric (SC-DM), in this we can get the desirable mathematical values and valid distance metric ability and quasi-convexity.  So this technique is effectively used for distance metric problems. 

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