A Study on the Impact of Entrepreneurs’ personal characteristics on Entrepreneurial Orientation in Clay Roofing Tile Factories in Wennapuwa secretariat division, Sri Lanka

J.M.P. M. Jayawardana, Antony Andrew


Personal characteristics of an individual, makes up one's personality and they are the one’s habitual patterns of behavior, temperament and emotion. Personal characteristics of business owners help them to enhance entrepreneurial orientation of their firms.


This study is aimed to investigate the impact of the entrepreneurs’ personal characteristics (namely learnable characteristics and ascribed characteristics) on the entrepreneur orientation of their firms. The population is the Clay Roofing Title factory owners in Wennappuwa secretariat division. The study surveyed the owners of 50 firms.


Data collected by developed questionnaire. Statistical techniques such as descriptive statistics, correlation and multiple regressions employed for data analysis.


The result shows that learnable characteristics and ascribed characteristics have a positive impact on firm’s entrepreneur orientation whilst learnable characteristics indicate the greatest impact on entrepreneur orientation.


Thus, findings of the study would be an essential for owners, to enhance their level of



personal characteristics towards competition in Roof Title industry, by knowing which personal characteristics are crucial for entrepreneur orientation. Further this study recommends carrying out similar studies on other industries in Sri Lanka as a developing country.

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