Design and Implimentation of Multi Patient Health Monitering

R . Anirudh Reddy, T. Sai Gayathri


In a hospital health care monitoring system it is necessary to constantly monitor the patient’s physiological parameters. For example a pregnant woman parameters such as body temperature and heart rate of the woman and their health condition. This paper presents a monitoring system that has the capability to monitor physiological parameters from multiple patient bodies. In the proposed system, a coordinator node has attached on patient body to collect all the signals from the wireless sensors and sends them to the base station. The attached sensors on patient’s body form a wireless body sensor network (WBSN) and they are able to sense the heart rate, temperature and so on. This system can detect the abnormal conditions, issue an alarm to the patient and send alert trough Zigbee to the physician or doctor. Also, the proposed system consists of several wireless relay nodes which are responsible for relaying the data sent by the coordinator node and forward them to the base station. The main advantage of this system in comparison to previous systems is to reduce the energy consumption to prolong the network lifetime, speed up and extend the communication coverage to increase the freedom for enhance patient quality of life. We have developed this system in multi-patient architecture for hospital healthcare and compared it with the other existing networks based on multi-hop relay node in terms of coverage, energy consumption and speed.

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