Study of Centrifugal Type Boiler Feed Pump by Varying Blade Number

M . Jaya Ashwini, Battula Naveen kumar


In the present study, design and analysis of boiler feed pump having a flow of 2000 m3/hr, head of 470 m and operating at 130±10o C has been taken up. The various pump parameters are obtained from design and pump model is developed using modeling software Creo Parametric. To evaluate the results at given operating conditions, CFD analysis is carried out using Ansys CFX module. Blade number has great influence on the pump performance. Therefore, CFD analyses are carried out for the pump with 5, 6 and 7 blades. Based on performance of every pump model, the best feed pump design is selected. A steady state CFD analysis is carried out using the K-ε turbulence model to solve for the Navier-Stroke’s equation.

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