Pro-environmental behaviour of college students in relation to Gender and Personality

Amlan Ganguly, Bijan Sarkar


Pro-environmental behaviour is any kind of human behaviour those are beneficial for the environment from ecological perspectives. In this study researcher made an attempt to find the relationship between pro-environmental behaviour and personality pattern. The relationship of environment friendly behaviour with respect to gender has also been studied. This survey research comprised a total number of 435 college students from four districts of West Bengal. The result shows that female students are more environment friendly with compare to their male counterpart in respect to behavioural outcome. The results also suggest that there is significant correlation with five broad factors of personality to pro-environmental bevaviour. Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and Openness factors of personality show significant positive correlation with pro-environmental behaviour. On the contrary neurotic factor or dimension of personality shows significant negative correlation with Pro-environmental behaviour.

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