Performance Analysis of a novel PAPR reduction technique in OFDM with Peak Cancellation

M. Sunandini, B. Siva Reddy


PAPR is the major drawback of OFDM technique which is under consideration of LTE development. There are different techniques which are developed to reduce the PAPR in OFDM system. The different techniques include signal distortion techniques, signal scrambling techniques and signal coding techniques. This proposed work is under consideration of signal distortion technique. This proposed work is having hardware implementation very less but it produces in-bad and out-of band distortions. To overcome this drawback of in-band and out-of-band distortions we developed this work which is used to get cancelling pulses as well as to get the envelope threshold with peak cancellation is applied. To get its validity and limitations we applied peak cancellation to band limited OFDM signal. We developed level crossing rate to get achievable SDR (signal to distortion ratio).Again to check performance we applied different parameters such as ACLR (adjacent channel leakage ratio ),EVM(error vector magnitude) and SER( symbol error rate) which are applied to additive white Gaussian noise channel(AWGN).Proposed work is compared with state of art existing techniques to get the performance study of proposed work.  Finally, with the help of simulation results in MATLAB we can prove that proposed work outperforms compared to existing techniques.

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