A Review on Efficient Cache-Supported Path Planning on Roads (Ppr)

Chitturi Prasad, B Venkata Ramana


In present day’s broad accessibility and easy availability of the global positioning system (GPS) and digital mapping of roads, road network navigation services have become a basic application on many mobile devices. Path planning (PP), a basic purpose of road network navigation services, discover a route amid the particular start location and end location. The competence of this path planning function is grave for mobile users on roads due to different dynamic scenarios, such as an unexpected change in driving direction, unpredicted traffic situation, lost or unstable GPS signals, and so on. In these scenarios, the path planning service needs to be delivered in a timely fashion. In this paper, we recommend a system, explicitly, Path Planning by Caching (PPC), to response a new path planning query in real time by proficiently caching and reusing historical queried-paths. Unlike the predictable cache-based path planning systems, where a queried-path in cache is used only when it matches perfectly with the new query, PPC leverages the partially  matched queries to answer part(s) of the new query.

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