Fem Analysis Of Fins With Varying Shapes And Material For Their Behaviour And Applications

Gaurang Sharma, Akshay Panchaity, Avin Chandrakar


The heat transfer performance of fin is analyzed by several cross sectional design of fin i.e. rectangular, trapezium, triangular and circular segmental. The heat transfer performance of fin with unchanged geometry which have various extensions and without extensions is compared. Approximate ranging 4% to 14% greater heat transfer can be reached with different extensions on fin as compare to unchanged geometry of fin without these extensions. Fin with various extensions are designed with the help of software Pro-E. Analysis of fin performance done through the software ANSYS. In this thermal analysis, temperature variations of the fin is analyzed. Extensions on the finned surfaces is set while designing to increases the surface area of the fin in contact with the fluid flowing around it. So, as the surface area increase the more fluid contact to increase the rate of heat transfers from the base surface as compare to fin without the extensions provided to it. On comparison, rectangular extensions provide on fin yields the superior heat transfer than that of other extensions having the same length and width attached to finned surface. The effectiveness of fin with rectangular extensions greater as compare to other extensions on fin.

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