The epitome of Spelled Human: honest poor as seen in Kamala Markandaya’s A Handful of Rice.

M. Gayathri


Literature is a form of artistic work done with intellectual value as a single body of written works. It comprises its root from the Latin word, literatura which means "writing formed with letters". Indian English Literature (IEL) had its origin from 1930, wrote in English Language but whose native or co-native language could be one of the languages in India. Kamala Markandaya’s A Handful of Rice revolves around Poverty, which is a widespread concept and consists of the numerous factors like unchanging trends in country's economy, domination of rich, and ill-treatment of poor.

Markandaya seems to reveal the truth that there is no place for immorality at the eradication of poverty, hunger and exploitation from the society. Suffering of poor people is increasing day by day as their life ends in the path of injustice instead of honesty. Poor people live with dreams and also getting decease with it as the novel brings light to the complication of deprived life of poor in Indian social hierarchy. The paper attempts to bring out the honesty of poor people in spite of their struggle in poverty.

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