New Construction Techniques For Affordable Housing In Fast-Track Manner

Harsh Kataria, Krapanshu Khandelwal, Prateek Kanojiya


The real estate construction industry is known for practicing old techniques and conventional technologies. Their main focus is not on working innovatively rather they focus on working economically by compromising with cheap material which affects durability and performance of building ultimately decreasing the life of structure but the fact is that the path to achieving economy goes through proper technique and innovative technologies. Low-cost housing and affordable housing is the only way to provide the shelter to the middle class and poor families which can be achieved through the use of proper techniques. Due to the scarcity of natural materials and there negative effects on the environment, causing us to find their replacements. Replacing the natural material with a waste product “GLASS FIBRE REINFORCED GYPSUM (GFRG)” which primarily uses gypsum which is the waste from fertilizer industries can be used as a very good alternative. Prefabricated product “EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE (EPS)” can be used as an excellent replacement for conventional technologies. Conventional formwork can be replacement by more efficient technologies such as ALUFORM, TUNNEL formwork and PLYWOOD formwork which are beneficial for a long run. This paper will focus on the comprehensive comparison between different technique and technologies which give maximum results in a given conditions and encourage construction industry to choose appropriate technique according to amenities and conditions available at the site. This Paper can be used as a reference to find which is best among GFRG, EPS, ALUFORM, TUNNEL FORM, and PLYWOOD FORM over conventional in a particular reference.

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