Mathematical and experimental study of the solar tower for the drying of food products.

Germain Wende Pouiré Ouedraogo, Sié Kam, Boureima Kaboré, Moctar Ousmane, Dieudonné Joseph Bathiébo


This work consists of a 2D numerical study of natural convection air flow in the solar tower followed by validation with experimental results. The simulation made it possible to determine the various hot zones of the chimney where the food products can be dried according to their drying temperature. The temperatures obtained in the chimney or desiccant chamber through the simulation range from 75 °C to 30 °C depending on the height of the chimney with an estimated output velocity of 0.715 m.s-1. Those recorded experimentally are between 61 °C and 52.5 °C with an average maximum velocity estimated at 1.1 m.s-1.

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