A Control Strategy for Distributed Static Compensators

Datla V Praveen, R. Chander


Maximum Ac loads consumes reactive power, it leads to terrible power quality in power process. The DSTATCOM is actually a compensating unit that is used to regulate the flow of reactive energy in the distribution systems.This brand new balance tactic takes into consideration the operating VAr boundaries of that reactive flow in figuring out the steady-state output of the DSTATCOM. The brand new control strategy applies a gradual reset regulator (SRR) to gradually bias the VAr set point of the DSTATCOM master controller to keep its steady-state output within a target bandwidth. The operating result maintains an ideal VAr reserve amount from the DSTATCOM for powerful events in the product. This paper also presents a brand new algorithm to compute the operating constraints of the SRR which mirror the VAr flow at the nearby or even remote point in the transmission structure and the allowable VAr thresholds for that flow. These allowable thresholds could be used to the full extent to bring down the steady-state output of the DSTATCOM, maximize its VAr reserve for powerful events and lower equipment and connected method operating losses.

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