Approaches methods and techniques of Teaching English

Pedaveti Julia


This paper determines and describes about the Approaches and methods and techniques of teaching English. There are different types of techniques, approaches and Challenges in English language teaching. While teaching some methods we should follow. A teacher should able to understand the student’s capacity. Based on the students capability teacher should follow the techniques and methods of teaching English. Students should learn techniques of English language. Teacher should focus on the different methods of teaching English; how the students can able to understand the concepts and meaning of the sentences .Student learns by associating meaning directly in English. Students remember the methods of English learning they should know those methods apply .Teacher should explain the techniques and tricks of English language. Teacher focus on the practical explanation.  An approach gives rise to methods, the way of teaching something, which use classroom activities or techniques to help learners learn. By various methods it is suggested to the student that the language is easy - and in this way the mental blocks to learning are removed. Methods gives learner in effective and easier ways .By using various techniques teacher can reach learners requirement. Approaches give learners to remember the concept of English and it gives the theoretical view and basic concepts of English. Techniques give smart way to learner and the teacher as well finally speaking and practicing only we can learn the English.

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