Forestalling Of Data Leakage In Malicious Environment

N.V.H. Madhuri, Md. Asim


Social Networking was reported as a third party applications that was widely being used online social network Facebook is a sensitive private information about the users or even their friends to advertising companies.Information that has been spread through unintentional exposures or intentional shortage by disgruntled employees and malicious external entities, present one of the most serious threats to organizations.The outsourcing company that was handed by a sensitive data is been hired as further subcontractor that hired another subcontractor in India itself. Although its a offshore subcontractor is suspected, each of them had access to the data and could have possibly leaked it. I have to find that other scenarios can be associated to an mechanisms during data transfers.third parties don’t either focus on protection, as they are say that the leaked data cannot be linked to them.

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