Implementation of Efficient Traffic Management System and Detection of Emergency/Stolen Vehicle

Nakhate Pavan Kumar, B. Sreelatha


This project introduces smart traffic management system which helps in smooth movement of traffic. The project deals with three major scenarios traffic congestion, theft detection and passage of emergency vehicle. It passes the emergency vehicle without any delay. Individual vehicle is equipped with the RFID tag which is made impossible to remove. The RFID reader EM18 which is placed at certain checkpoints counts the number of vehicles in that lane and if the congestion is found the duration of the green light is calculated by the Raspberry Pi 3. If the RFID tag belongs to the stolen vehicle then Raspberry Pi send the information to the nearby Police control room using GSM technology and thief is caught  by giving red light in that lane. The emergency vehicle is monitored using the ZigBee communication which is wireless communication protocol ; if the ZigBee signal is in range then the passage of the emergency vehicle is made smooth by giving the Green signal by the Raspberry Pi in that lane.

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