Design of Improved Data Security in Cloud Computing Applications

Gattu Ramya


Cloud computing has become an important platform for companies to build their infrastructures upon. If companies are thinking to take advantage of cloud based systems, they will have to seriously reassess their current security strategies as well as the cloud-specific aspects to be a successful solution provider.The data can be stored remotely in the cloud by the users and can be accessed using thin clients as and when required.One of the major issue in cloud today is data security in cloud computing.Storage of data in the cloud can be risky because of use of Internet by cloud based services which means less control over the stored data. One of the major concern in cloud is how do we grab all the benefits of the cloud while maintaining security controls over the organizations assets. Our aim is to propose a more reliable, decentralized light weight key management technique for cloud systems which provides more effecient data security and key management in cloud systems.

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