LTE Based SUI Modeling For FLIP-OFDM To Analyse The Performance Of Optical Wireless Communication

Kosalendra Eethamakula


EM spectrum is considered as scariest assets in the world as the request is increasing and resources are keep on reducing. Along with time, traffic is increasing and OWC is thinking about as promising method for utilizing RF resources in effective way particularly in short and medium range of communications. In this paper, To extract nonnegative signals in optical wireless communication (OWC) systems, flipped orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (Flip-OFDM) transmits the positive and negative parts of the signal more than two back to back OFDM subframes (positive sub frame and negative subframe, individually).As the conventional receiver are used to transmit the data by subtracting the negative frame from the positive subframe. Due to the subtraction of negative frame there will be data loss. Because the signal analysis shows that the information will be transmitted by both the subframes. An efficient flip OFDM mechanism is utilized along with iterative receiver to improve the transmission and finally results show proposed method yield good performance.

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